Leading up to the 300 days…

So the hubster (my totally endearing nickname for the husband) doesn’t leave for another few weeks, so the 300 days haven’t officially started yet.  But I am busy gearing up for them.  We are trying to fit as much happiness and positive, fun things into our last few weeks as we can!  So why not commemorate these days too?

To start off, we are going to run the Naragansett 10 Miler Blessing of the Fleet Race this Friday after we get off work!  It is a great ocean-side race that I’ve always wanted to do.  I’m pretty behind on distance training, but I’ve been doing a lot of cross-training all summer so I know I can do it.  I may not keep up with my usual pace, but who knows, I may surprise myself.  That’s what happened when I did my half marathon last year without many distance runs leading up to it, and I finished under 2:20, keeping up with my usual tempo of around 10min/mile! 


(Smiling because I’m at mile one of 13 last fall…)

Other than that, I’m working on staying positive through my yoga practice, and learning how to give back through yoga.  I was so deeply inspired by my time at the Yoga Service Council’s first annual conference this May  at Omega Institute and all the amazing work that people are doing bringing yoga to underserved communities. 


I met so many amazing people there, including representatives from Yoga Activist.  I loved that they, along with the Yoga Service Council, provide support for new yoga service projects.  So, I took a leap and applied for a mat donation to start a yoga program for the foster kids at the adoption agency I am interning with…

And it worked!  Yoga Activist donated 18 mats that I have been using to teach weekly yoga classes to foster children at University of Rhode Island’s First Star Academy, through my internship agency Adoption RI.  The teens seem to enjoy learning more about yoga and meditation.  When surveyed a few weeks ago, they were so eloquent in wanting to learn more about yoga for various reasons…”to help clear my mind”, “to calm myself down”, “to learn to meditate and relax”, “to make my body healthy and more flexible”.  This past week, they were tired, so I gave them the option to nap as their meditation or engage in some slow flow yoga…3 of them actually wanted to practice the whole 40 minutes, while others meditated silentely, and others napped (hey, at least they were respectful, quiet, and in control of their own relaxation skills!)

What else have I been up to?  Well today was eventful at work…I took my supervisor’s Les Mills Body Pump lifting class, which always kicks my butt!  Plus I added extra weight to my bar, feeling super tough by the new dog tag necklace dear husband gave me the other day:)  The result?  I feel SORE, but strong.  Then we auditioned a new yoga teacher, who is a sweetheart, so at least I got a little bit of a stretch.  I am excited to go home and EAT and rest…a nice relaxing night with hubby and the pups sounds perfect!

Will update with race results soon!


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