Workouts and Weight…

Well, BOO to you too thunderstorms!  Guess we won’t be doing our 10 mile race tonight:(  Going to have to make it a gym day and hopefully fit in a short outdoor run later before the storms start! 

I was really looking forward to the 10 miler for a few reasons…one being that I have been trying to reestablish a good running routine.  It seems like running is the only way I can consistantly get the results I want as part of my fitness plan.  Case in point, due to my work schedule, I’ve been doing a TON of cross training the last few months…I teach yoga 4 times a week, ballet fitness twice a week, and lift twice a week, in addition to at least 30 minutes of cardio 4-5 days a week (elliptical, calisthenics, house repair work, etc).  However, since March, the scale has slowly gone up…by 10 pounds (and then back down by 5 again, but still)!!!

Part of the issue has to do with food…for a few years there, after a big weight gain freshman year of about 30 lbs, I had a huge love/hate relationship with food.  I would exercise for hours trying to lose the weight, but be so famished I’d eat back all the work I had put in.  Then I realized if I just really really cut back, I lost A LOT and FAST.  This also became an unhealthy balance.  So I would swing back and forth between unhealthy habits, getting frustrated with my progress and overexercising one week, then restricting my food the next…I DID lose the weight, but at what cost?  I had a very unhealthy relationship with food and with my body!

Too big…. (5 years ago…40-50lbs heavier)

Too small…(Last fall…10 lbs less than I am now..)

Just right? (Last week…up 5-10 lbs up from last year…but is this just my body’s ‘right weight’?  I weighed this much before and was healthy and in shape…was I just not meant to be 10 lbs lighter than this?  Maybe my body is happier here…)

So this past year or two I’ve really made an effort to get back to a healthy balance.  Running enough that I enjoyed it and met my fitness goals, but not to the point of obsession or injuries, eating healthy foods and trying to increase my calorie limits to a healthy range, cross training a bunch with new fun fitness loves, like more dance and zumba, weight training, yoga, Pilates, etc…  I really am super proud of all the strides I’ve made!  I am much more balanced, happy, healthy, and I know I look better too. 

When I first saw the weight gain I thought Ugh.  Devastating.  But I’m determined to get through it and not let it affect my happiness.  I know I am happy and healthy…that’s a good starting point.  I also have been focusing a LOT on building strength, lifting a lot more than I had been…and we all know muscle weighs more than fat…another good step in a positive direction. 

I need less of these…

And more of these…

What now?  Well, I am going to make some small tweeks in my diet…first, cutting back on desserts.  I do have a sweet tooth, and even though I still eat a healthy dessert, I’m sure the fruit, almond butter and organic chocolate TWICE a day is a little much…I’m going to replace one of my sweets with a nice protein shake or some fruit.  I’m also going to try incorporating smoothies into my diet more…replacing a meal with a healthy fruit/veggie/and protein packed shake when I’m on the go.  And I’m sure getting back into a running routine is going to help too.

But the biggest change?  I’m going to do everything in my power to not get super stressed and upset about this.  I know that I am healthy at this weight, and I know that my body NEEDS the fuel from the healthy amount of food I eat to do all the AMAZING things it does for me every day.  I LOVE that my body can run 13.1 miles, can lift heavy weights and make me feel strong, can teach yoga classes and bring peace and calm to the people I am blessed to teach, can dance and make beautiful connections with music and movement….I LOVE my body, and I value it, and I am going to focus on THAT, not a scale.


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