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Day 21 and I’m too tired to think of a creative title…

The doggies have retreated to the patch of dead grass near the tree…even they won’t venture into the scary tall grasses!

Thank GOODNESS we have a warranty on our tractor, since SOMEONE accidentally poured 2 gallons of water instead of gas in the tank a few weeks ago…which is why it hasn’t started since then and our yard has gotten completely OUT of CONTROL!  Yup…that would be me..oopsie daisy!  In my defense, it was the only gas tank in the garage so I assumed it belonged to the tractor, but since wonderful husband wasn’t here to help me out, I didn’t have anyone to confirm that with…apparently that has been there since we bought the house and some stupid previous owner used a GAS container to store WATER.  Again…honest mistake haha…although the repair man seemed pretty mad at me for being a stupid woman who pours water into a tractor…oh well!  At least it’s all fixed now and I can mow tomorrow!


Speaking of tomorrow, I will be starting my first day of my school internship tomorrow!  Pretty darn excited!  today was my last day of my summer internship and it was bittersweet…happy to be making a new start, but so sad to leave all the wonderful staff at my other placement.  Everyone was so sweet and came up to wish me well throughout the day…and I am so excited to go back in to help with special events during the year!


I need to go and pass out pretty soon…yeah I know it’s not even 9pm but I’m EXHAUSTED.  A mix of lots of workouts this week, leading a tough personal training session today, then eating too much sugar, pms, and so much to do over the next few weeks just running around in my head…whoooooo…I’ll get through but I definitely need to nap.  I’ll let the puppies wrestle a bit more first though…they are tiring each other out…YAY!

What a beautiful night…
almost the full moon!


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Day 20 – A Wonderful End of summer morning, a Surprise Baby Shower, and Great News on the school front!

The day started out wonderful…one of those crisp yet sunny late summer mornings!  The pups and I enjoyed a few hours outside before I had to leave for work.  After a wonderful experience at Omega Institute this summer, seeing how nice it was to not constantly be bombarded with phones, tv, computers, etc, I have been trying to set aside nice quite time to just sit outside and relax, or to read outside or for about an hour before bed…we totally underestimate the power of silence and stillness in our world today.

I’m also reading two great books that really hammer this home…The Wisdom of Yoga by Stephen Cope and The Way of the Happy Woman by Sara Stover, both which emphasize finding ourselves through reconnecting with our true nature.

When I went inside to get ready for work, I looked out the window and they were both laying in the sun snuggled up together, but of course when I went to take the picture, one little monster ran away!

Before I left for work I got a very exciting phone call telling me that I GOT MY INTERNSHIP AT THE LOCAL MIDDLE SCHOOL GUIDANCE OFFICE:)  I have been anxious awaiting this news all summer and am SO excited to know I’ll be working there!  Turns out I’ll be working with a wonderful counselor who did a presentation to one of my classes last semester so I know I already like her style!  Even though I have worked in and enjoy agency and community counseling, I’ve always had a strong interest in learning more about school counseling and seeing if it is something I’d like to pursue, so I am super happy about starting next week!  I got 100 hours done this summer at the agency…now just 200 left….I can do this!

Work was great today…it was my last staff/faculty ballet class of the summer, so I had a huge turnout…9 staff members!  They were all sad that it will no longer be a weekly lunch class, but as bad as I felt, I can’t be teaching 7 classes a week and there’s no way I can fit it with my fall schedule…I guaranteed them I’d still teach for finals weeks and holidays at least!

I totally got them hooked…even had them all rocking this awesome balance today as a group! (Minus the pointe shoes of course…)

Next up came the surprise baby shower I helped my supervisor and another staff member plan for our good friend who works in the next office over (the awesome woman who I work out with and have mentioned before!)

We were able to pull it off with the help of 18 other staffers, and it was a TOTAL surprise!  So cute and she was so happy!

Other than some ridiculous traffic commute issues today, it’s been a wonderful day!  Stopped at the tanning place after work so I hope my horrible eczema outbreak clears up soon! As for now I’m home, ate a huge dinner after my second workout of the day, and have been playing with the puppies nonstop since the poor dears are cooped up all day.  They seem pretty content though, lounging on the couch!

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Day 19 – Ballet, Work, and Dogs…

For anyone who is reading this little blog, I apologize that my life is not filled with giant adventures every day to write about.  However, part of my writing this is to inspire myself to keep each day positive and to find small things to be happy about and grateful for each day, so I am going to write about the uneventful, but wonderful day that I had!

Started out teaching ballet, which was a wonderful class, then home for a quick waffle breakfast (gotta love Van’s Gluten free waffles!)  and off to work!

Still working on last minute things for the fitness center before we reopen our normal school hours next week…but it’s going great so far!  I also got to have another lovely workout with my friend from the office next door.  We started a nice little tradition of a 50 minute arc trainer workout and chat session last week and want to keep going all year!  Much more fun to do a long workout when you can talk the whole time!:)

When I got home the puppies had tons of fun playing outside…

But then I wanted to go inside and rest a bit…the little monster was not having that as she got bored, so she decided to make a cape from the curtains, then stare and bark at me for a bit…

“Mom, STOP watching Army Wives and PLAY WITH ME!  I don’t care if you are tired I need to be entertained!!!”


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Day 18 – Yoga, Internship, and Crafts!

I was feeling pretty tired/lazy(?) this morning and had trouble convincing myself to get out of bed, and drive to the city to teach yoga.  It’s so strange how sometimes my mind just goes in weird directions and I get random anxiety about things that I actually enjoy doing.  It happened last night too, I didn’t go to a staff party because I wasn’t really sure what I’d say or do, and I just had this feeling that I wanted to stay home with the dogs and not go out at all.  I get like that sometimes…wanting to just hole up in the house with the pups and never go to work or school ever again.  Crazy, I know, and I also know that everyone goes through those thoughts to some extent, but it’s frustrating because once I actually force myself to go out and do what needs done I am so GLAD that I did them.

So, I got myself up, got dressed, and was greeted by the wonderful and ever-so-talked about sunflowers Eric planted for me before he left.  They just make me smile everytime I see them.  Sunflowers in general make me happy, plus the fact he planted them for me and they remind me of him, really they just brighten my day…


Having that little pick-me-up, I drove to the studio and was wonderfully surprised to have two new students and two old regulars who I haven’t seen in a while!  And I taught a really great class.  Immediately on getting on the mat I felt a sense of peace and calm…yoga is that space in my day when I can let every thing else fall away and really just focus on the present and it’s the best cure out there for any troubles or stress.  I really should cultivate a daily practice, even if just for a few minutes.

After yoga, I went to my second to last day of internship…it was a GREAT day.  I was able to sit in on a preadoptive family meeting AND on a meeting for a family far along in the adoption process for a sibling group.  This family is AMAZING and they give me so much hope about the fact that there are GREAT people in the world.  Taking in older children or siblings or kids with a history of behaviors, etc is such a task, but being so full of love and humor and acceptance is what sets these parents apart.  I love that I’ve been able to witness their case this summer, it was really an awe-inspiring experience.  It’s bittersweet that this is my last week at the agency, but I’m excited to find out about my next placement.

When I got home, I played with the pups who hate when I work all day…
so they run around the yard about a million times..



And I made a craft I’m giving as a gift for a friend’s baby shower at work this week…

The varnish is drying so it looks a bit off, but I think it will turn out okay.  Not 100% sure how I feel about it…I was going to paint a picture on the panel to go along with the quote, but I thought the wood looked really neat and classic too so I went with the traditional look.  I was debating adding vines or flowers, or at least some color, but for now I liked the black and wood…still not sure if I’ll add to it tomorrow…

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Day 18 – Yoga, Internship, and Crafts…

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Day 17…Yoga, Home Depot, and Doggie Day

Started the day off with a nice yoga class, even though I was pretty tired and a little dizzy. 

My friend came over after and we ran some errands in between watching reality tv and eating yummy food!

The puppies wanted food too…

Photo: Pathetically begging for food

Such pathetic beggers!!!

Then we went to home depot and got some awesome paint colors for the house…the hall is going to be tan, dining room light green, and bedroom liliac…I was supposed to paint today but that didn’t happen, so I’ll post pictures when I do. 

Puppies are currently passed out on the couch, and were staring at me while I started back into my old weight lifting routine tonight!  They alternated snoring and waking up to stare at me as if to say, “Why don’t you just come to the couch with us?  You don’t want to work out!”  Bratty pups!


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Day 16…Yoga Class and a Yoga Fundraiser!

A wonderful start to my day was a great yoga class and BEAUTIFUL sunflowers everywhere!

After a day of housework and playing with the puppies, my friend and I went to a yoga fundraiser for Shri Studio in Pawtucket, RI…they do GREAT things in the community and their fundraiser was WONDERFUL!

Wonderful time in Pawtucket…

My best pal Joey enjoying all the AMAZING food !!

What a wonderful day:)

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