Our Week in Review…




The last week or so has been pretty hectic.  We are doing lots of prep work for the hubby’s upcoming deployment.  Basically it looks like an Army/Navy store has exploded in our living room…



The puppies seem to know what dad getting out all his Army stuff means…they always get their sad little faces and mope around the house…or cuddle up with his uniforms…


Chloe-“If I lay on your uniform and don’t let you move it, you can’t go, right?”

Combine all of the prep work hubby’s friends coming to visit and send him off, and you get some big messes.  At what age do boys grow up and clean up after their own drunk messes?  What was that?  Never?  Oh, great…

It’s okay though, because as soon as Eric leaves, I always go into hyperactive cleaning and house repair mode…if the house wasn’t messy, what would I do to keep sane when he leaves again? 

Last time he was gone on his 2 week training last month, I ripped up the carpet in the living, dining, and bedroom, painted our bedroom, and reorganized everything.  I’m thinking after 10 months, our house is going to be Better Homes and Gardens-worthy!

Last weekend we had a fun beach day, despite it being overcast.  Eric’s friends from home and college made the trip here and we had a fun-filled weekend…including whatever is happening in this picture…


Poor hubby…don’t make people mad when you are buried in sand!


Work has been intense too…working on creating the new fitness schedule for the gym…coordinating 20 people’s schedules is fun fun fun.  Finally it is starting to come together, and we are excited to be offering the Les Mills class Body Pump this year with 5 of our instructors newly certified!  Going in for a few hours later today before my big week off next week!  So happy to have some time off with hubby…so appreciative of all the time we get before he has to go. 

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!


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