“Do that yoga-coma thing again…”

That’s what my husband said to me this afternoon when he wanted to take a nap after his first official yoga class this morning.  I’ve led short impromtu classes with him before, but this was the first time he came to my studio class with other serious yogis around.  He did REALLY well.  I’m always jealous of his strength and ability to do the more difficult poses so easily.  For example, he ROCKS at crow to headstand to crow sequence. 


From MindBodyGreen

I know it’s hard for him to relax from the big tough Army officer mentality, especially close to deploying again and being in charge of a big number of soldiers.  I can’t even imagine the stress he is under lately, and I cherish any chance I get to lessen that stress and get him to smile and relax.

That being said, it was a little tough to get him to agree to go to class today…I guilted him into it since he won’t really have another chance to attend one of my classes until after his deployment with his schedule.  He was agreeable because he knew it was important to me, but I could even get him to take off his shoes at the studio!  (Interestingly enough, I’ve heard that’s a common thing among military personnel doing yoga from a PTSD veteran’s yoga workshop I attended at the Yoga Service Council Conference this summer at Omega Institute.)

I was really surprised at how hard he tried. He did every pose, and was super focused the whole time!  He was excited to tell me he held crow for the full minute at the end of class:)  I was worried he wasn’t going to enjoy the 15 minute svasana I do at the end of class.  We lay in corpse pose, do progressive muscle relaxation, focus on our breath, and listen to music, before coming back into awareness and focusing on our intentions for the class and the rest of the day.  Since the hubby is typically the ADHD type, I have been pestering him to get into meditation a lot…I think it would really help him keep his stress and anger under control and keep his mind more peaceful and relaxed, something that will be super important while redeployed.  From what I could tell, he did seem relaxed after class, and he was happy he had come.  Definitely made me happy that he got something out of it, but he wasn’t really talkative about anything specific, so I wasn’t sure if he was just being agreeable.

Image from BlissTree

But just now, on the couch while taking a nap, he couldn’t comfortable.  So he says, “Hey, do that yoga-coma thing again that you did to us in class!”  (Aka the hubster’s term for svasana and meditation apparently).  So I led him through a nice relaxation sequence and he’s been passed out since…nothing’s waking this guy up!  It definitely helped me feel like I had really made a difference for him, maybe gave him a path to developing his own meditation and relaxation practice!  I also bought him the CD Resting in Stillness, a Yoga Nidra meditation used for veterans to combat stress and trauma.  Let’s hope he keeps it up!

Who knows, maybe he’ll end up like this guy….


Photo via the Dudes Doing Yoga Tumblr and from Alive in the Fire

Namaste, everyone, enjoy your weekend:)

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