Day 1

Well, it’s finally here…day one has come and almost gone.  Early this morning I dropped my husband off to leave for his second deployment, and thus began my adventures of 300 days of trying new things, keeping positive and busy, and beginning the countdown til he comes home for good.

It was definitely hard saying “see you later”, but in a way it wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated, mostly because we have been through this before, we know what we are doing, and we have both decided to focus  on the positives.  I was glad they set the departure up so that we had about 2 hours together before they actually had to leave…any extra time is so precious and it was so nice to just get to hold his hand a little longer.

I am so glad I took this week off, because we had so many amazing adventures, some great time to talk and discuss all our great plans for the future, and so many awesome moments that will get us through the next upcoming months.

Awesome times at the beach, and taking advantage of all the beautiful sunsets (I wish we did this more often!)




Then a nice trip to Vermont to visit one of hubby’s friend’s families.


We brought the dogs…


Who were super tired by the end of the trip…


And finally, last night, we went for a great hike at the random sand dune park near our house…this place is so cool and we love exploring it.  We found a swimming hole full of fish there last night…and it was such a great time…
this is our failed attempt at a self timer picture with my phone resting on a rock…


So, what was my day 1 adventure of my first 300 days?

A fun mini hiking trip to a state park near our town right after I dropped the hubster off.  Took the puppies for a quick hike…not too long because our little Chloe monster is still getting used to her new muzzle and spends half her walks dragging her face on the ground like a psycho.  It was fun though, and a GREAT start to the 300 day idea.  A new place, new trails, fun and active!  We also got semi lost on an old dirt road finding the place so that was cool too!


Little monster dog smiling after our walk…Jackson is asleep in the hatchback…

Running Girl, Oceanside

Courtesy of flickr

And after that?  Well, a great run of course!  Or at least great until mile 3…I took a break from working out this week and was so excited to get back into things, the first few miles were awesome…then my hip started acting up…really bad.  I walked miles 3.6 to 4.6 home…slowly…limping…in defeat.  But, that’s not the kind of attitude I’m trying to foster this year, is it?!  So I tried to spend the walk home thinking of positive things…like the fact that I now know my body well enough to take a break, and that I may be able to run the 10k instead of the half in September if my hip keeps bothering me, and how I can lead a yoga class tomorrow with a lot of hip openers to try and fix the problem.  Another bonus?  Hubby texted me while I was running!  They got to their mob site safe and sound, which is always great to hear!

Now?  Well, I’m doing what any good Army Wife does when their husband deploys…

via Lifetime TV and

That’s right… I’m sitting on the couch in my PJs, eating a huge dessert and watching Army Wives…hey, I’m allowed a little sulking on day one!!!



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6 responses to “Day 1

  1. Ah, lovely pictures! Especially one of you two together : )

  2. Love. This. My husband leaves in just a few weeks, and this is our first deployment. The anxiety is starting to take over, but I’ll do what I can to keep busy, make lots of plans and keep smiles on our babies’ faces. Good luck during this deployment! It looks like you’re off to an awesome start. =)

  3. I just stumbled onto your blog. My husband is leaving in February for his and my first and I’m already so anxious. Just reading your ‘Day One’ has me feeling more positive! 🙂 Thank you for being so upbeat!

    • Glad I can help! Deployments are super hard, but it’s all about keeping a positive mindset! I’ll also be posting some care package and communication ideas on here too the further into the deployment we get!

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