Day 2

Last night was a little hard, I’ll admit.  After the day died down, it was hard knowing the hubby wasn’t going to be coming home for the night.  The puppies were sad too…everytime they’d hear a car drive by they’d run to the window thinking ‘Dad’s home!’  I had to explain to them again that they weren’t going to see him until next summer…yeah yeah, I know, they are dogs, but I swear they understand English sometimes!

It was nice to be able to talk on the phone right before bedtime though.  After the pups and I got all snuggled up in our room, we actually had a restful night’s sleep and woke up ready to face the brand new day!  I am really glad I didn’t take any time off of teaching, because a nice vinyasa yoga class was EXACTLY how I wanted to start off my 300 days.

Our nice cozy yoga studio is my retreat…and with the rain last night, we got a little break from the super hot yoga classes we’ve been dealing with all summer.  Focusing on my breathing and the familiar, comforting practice of my Saturday class was a perfect start to my day.  I was able to think about my emotions and how I am in control of how I feel about different situations, how I can use my practice to help on the hard days and make the good days even better, and how I can channel my positive energy to keep things in perspective throughout the year.

Other accomplishments from day 2?  Two of my close friends came over, one for lunch and one for dinnertime.  It was nice to have company, as weekends are usually the times hubby and I spend most of the day together and go on fun adventures.  Having people to talk to and spend time with was great, and we were able to help each other with school, work, and scheduling plans for the year, too.

And an added bonus today?  Getting to talk with the hubby on Skype!  It was so great to see his face and get to have a nice conversation.  Now waiting for our nighttime call before bed!




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