Day 3

Day three was awesome and eventful!  Taught a great yoga/pilates class this morning, then went tanning, which I haven’t done in forever…definitely needed! 

After that, my good friend visited and I rollerbladed while she ran on a local bike path for 4 miles!  So fun!

Why yes, I am rocking the 90s look of neon green shorts and rollerblades…thanks for noticing.


Later on, my other friend came over and we ranted and raved about life, ordered food, watched stand up comedy, and just hung out like the old days before we got old and started working 3 jobs. 

The puppies were exhausted from all the distractions I’ve been putting them through the last few days, so we actually got to witness them sleeping peacefully and quietly…a miracle in our house!


I also created a new deployment playlist…just some songs that are getting me through this week so far…

My first deployment playlist was a big hit, so I’m hoping this one can help some people through some tough times too!:)


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6 responses to “Day 3

  1. Thanks for the playlist! =)

  2. Bree

    Loved listening to the play list! && I have to ask, what kind of puppies do you have?! They are adorable!

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