Day 4

A close friend stayed over last night for a mini slumber party…junk food, watching trashy comedies on TV, catching up on gossip, etc.  We headed to bed pretty early, I got to talk to hubby before bed, and I slept SO well knowing someone else was in the house…

I usually have a hard time adjusting to sleeping alone when the hubby is away…two nights ago I couldn’t get to bed so at about midnight I got out of bed and climbed up on a chair in my nightgown with the power drill, in a half assed attempt to install this amazingly ghetto door lock. 


I just sleep better knowing there is an added layer of security…in our old apartment, I wedged an air compressor against the main door, and created a strange booby trap out of the door that was SUPPOSED to be on its hinges, two laundry baskets, and the dog crates.  Here, even though I’m armed pretty well, it’s still a big house and I like having that extra lock, no matter how ghetto-fab it is. 

So, back to day 4…my friend went to yoga with me and we basically had a private class as no one else came out (it’s a strange only-in-Rhode-Island holiday today).  After we went for a nice walk, then I did a bunch of yardwork that really needed to get done…still needs finished though.

Today is my last day of my mini deployment vacation!  I haven’t had a break from school and work in probably 6 months.  I am really glad I ended up having some extra time off after my darling husband left…I definitely needed to clear my head, destress, and get started on my year of fun distractions right away.  But tomorrow is back to the grind.  I’m excited, though, it’s almost time to start the school year off again, which means a lot of work getting things ready for the students to come back at the gym.   I just kind of want August to go by fast so I can change my internship to something closer to home…and to get into the swing of my crazy new schedule. 

As of now, it’s time to chill out with the puppies, watch some cheesy movies, and get a good night’s sleep!


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