Day 5

Ughhh…my stomach hurts!  I didn’t eat all day so when I got home from work I made a nice dinner, but then a GIANT dessert.  Two bowls of watermelon with chocolate chips and almond butter.  I felt sick before I even finished eating.  I HATE when I do that…where is my “I’m full” signal? So upset with myself.

Oh well, let’s hope some hot tea and a nap will help.  I’ve been sick for two weeks already, probably just stress-related, but I just want to feel better at this point!  Had to cancel my one class this morning because I wasn’t feeling well.  I WANT to be able to teach tomorrow…I haven’t danced in so long and I miss it.
Other than my little fat kid gripes, it really was a good day.  First day back at work after the little ‘deployment vacation’ of the past week.  Had a LOT to get caught up on…

But it was a great day back…I love my job and wish it wasn’t just a two-year assistantship.  My supervisor was so sweet…when I got into the office I had copies of pictures she had taken at our wedding on my desk.  She said she wanted to make sure I had something to brighten up my day:)  I love her.

And in between all the work I needed to do, I was able to go to BodyPump!  If you haven’t tried this workout yet, it’s super fun…its from a fitness company Les Mills that trains instructors to teach their choreographed workouts.  Its a great workout, especially if you are new to weight lifting or just dont have the time to keep up with weight training on your own anymore (ME!)  Anyway, I’ve been hooked on it the last few months, and in addition to my other workouts, I’m feeling great…I’m even getting the definition back in my arms! (Combination of power yoga all weekend and some heavy weights in class today = look at those guns!)

Well, maybe not big guns, but c’mon, those are at least getting back to 9mm status…maybe I’ll get them back to M4s by the end of the year 😉

After work my old roommate came to visit which was very sweet of her, and now I’m sitting with the puppies in the living room while they wrestle and I watch DIY network planning all the house projects I don’t have time or money to do right now.

I can’t wait to talk to the hubby tonight…last night I was having a really rough time and when he called I just started crying.  I really want to stay strong for him, but some times it is just hard and overwhelming.  Trying really hard to stay positive tonight!  We got this!

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