Day 6

Oh no! I somehow lost my day 6 post right as I went to publish! No fear, I will try and remember all of the wonderful things I said!

I think the internet is being sketchy because of the thunderstorm we are having right now…but at least it’s nice and relaxing to listen to a summer storm while cuddled up on the couch with the pups…the 3 amigos just chilling out. They are SO tuckered out from playing all night after I got home from work. Wrestling in the yard, playing fetch…what hard lives they have! Poor things don’t like having to wait around all day to play when only mommy is home…no daddy to take naps with or play fight with! But I think we’re doing okay…especially since they are both snoring now.

Work was nice today, I finally felt well enough to teach ballet again and I love seeing how happy it makes the summer staff members learning how to dance! It is so rewarding to bring the gift of dance to those who have never danced or haven’t danced since childhood…I really do love my job!

ballet -  source: pinterest


After ballet, my supervisor and I remembered there was a crafting even being held for staff members and we rushed over to catch the end of it.  Lucky for us, there was still time to make our own fresh cut flower arrangements!  How fun!

Really brightened up our office!

On my way home from work, I went grocery shopping and bought SOOOO many frozen veggies!  There was a huge sale and I couldn’t pass them up! Hey, you try being vegan for a while, then judge me on how excited I get over my veggies;)

When I got home, I was greeted by the lovely sunflower bloom I saw yesterday…

The hubby is sad he missed them blooming, as he put a lot of effort into planting them for me, so I promised I’d send him pictures, and I’m going to try to replant the seeds for even more next summer!  Every time I see them, it makes me so happy to think of all the little things that man does to put a smile on my face:)


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