Day 7 – Home Improvements, Internships, and Workouts…

Started the morning off wanting to take the dogs for a hike, but once we got in the car it started raining so we went for a nice ride instead. 

Then I realized I had a while before I had to leave for my internship.  I didn’t want to laze around and waste the morning, so….

I ripped almost all of the first layer of wallpaper down in the dining room! (Don’t mind the Beer ad mirror…a wonderful yard sale find that hubby just couldn’t pass up! Boys…)

Hopefully soon I will be repainting everything in the house pretty relaxing happy colors!  Still debating which colors I want where…I was thinking cream or tan for the dining room…maybe light blue in the living room, and lavendar in our bedroom.  Still thinking though…maybe green would look nice in the dining room?

After that, I went off to my internship for a few hours.  I was a little bummed that I could only go for 3 hours, as now that E is deployed, I have to arrange my whole schedule around making sure the dogs aren’t left alone over 8 hours…and I don’t want to have to commute twice a day…so I’ve had to cut hours certain places.  But everyone was really supportive!  I really do LOVE everyone at my internship at the adoption placement agency.  They are all amazing people, which is part of the reason I hate that I can’t stay there all semester.  However, I do think that an internship closer to home will be really good for our situation, and the added bonus of getting a school certification in guidance is probably worth it too. 

As for the end of my day, I went into the gym to personal train a client and close the gym.  Fun workout, and a great session, but I was happy to get to come home and play with the puppies and eat dinner.  Now I’m watching sappy Lifetime movies and eating chocolate.


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