Day 10 – Yoga, Yardwork, and Allergies

Today started off okay with yoga/pilates, although my allergies were bugging me a little.  Sadly they just got worse throughout the day.  My good friend came over to help with yardwork and we got a lot done before the mower broke (spark plugs maybe? I have no idea…) we also got all of the shrubs cut back so it doesn’t look overgrown and crazy anymore!


The sunflowers are SO beautiful:)

Am I obsessed?  Maybe just a little…

As much as I would have loved to stay outside all day and enjoy nature, my allergies kept getting worse…even after a hot shower, spicy food, vitamin c, hot tea…all my home remedies…nothing worked!  So I caved…I tried the apple cider vinegar cure…2 tablespoons straight apple cider vinegar with a cup of water…ickkkk…I can’t tell if it is working or not, but I guess I feel a little less congested?  We’ll have to see if it works, but just in case I got a sub for yoga tomorrow so I can sleep late.  In a way I want to look into getting allergy shots again, but I remember years of them during high school and how they made me feel worse at times…I really do get tired of being allergic to everything all the time…I just got over a 3 week upset stomach, and a huge eczema flare up on my hands, now a sinus problem?  Please, universe, give me a break?

Time to try and pass out for a bit…

Until tomorrow!

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