Day 9 – Yoga, Licenses, and Sunflowers!

Despite feeling like crap this morning after getting exhausted and deafened by the concert last night (although it was super fun, so I can’t complain too much), I had to drag myself out of bed to teach yoga.  Usually I find it pretty easy to get up, but I was so tired and I didn’t feel well at all.

Once I got to the studio though, I felt a bit better AND it was raining!  I used to HATE rain…but yoga has given me a whole new appreciation for it!  There is nothing like a great morning yoga class in a dimly lit room on a rainy day, with the windows open to hear the rain drops..I LOVE it.  And it’s a nice excuse to lead a little more of a slower paced class.  I even had a compliment from one of my regulars that the class was nice and relaxing today, yet still challenging.  It was really great.

Dimly lit, relaxing yoga (from, not my studio, but similar feeling!)

After yoga, I went to AAA to get my licensed renewed and to ADD MY NEW HYPHENATED MARRIED LAST NAME:)  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do about my name for a while, but I knew it meant a lot to hubby that I had his name, even if it was just hyphenated with my old one.  For a long time I thought I’d have no problem getting rid of my last name since I don’t talk to my father’s side of the family and had been estranged from him my whole life….but in a way when the time came to change it, I realized that for that exact reason I really WAS attached to my last name.  When you are the only one in your family (and in your town) with your last name, you really have to establish it and claim it as your OWN, so I think that’s why I didn’t feel right not having it be a part of me anymore….because it really is MINE, and I had to fight with myself my whole life to create that identity.  So long story short, today was the completion of Operation Hyphenate the Last Names! ( I went to the Social Security office the week before darling husband left because I knew it’d mean a lot to him to show him the new name on something before he left…now it’s all official!)


After that I came home to try and keep the doggies entertained on this crazy rainy day…on each rain break we played in the yard…we even went for a 10 minute hike when I thought the rain was over and we drove to the state park (newsflash…the rain wasn’t over haha).

One of the highlights of the day was seeing how beautiful the sunflowers E planted before he left are coming out…I LOVE sunflowers and seeing them just keeps making me smile:)

For the rest of the night, the pups and I are chilling on the couch, watching trashy TV, and my friend is coming over later for a sleepover so we can do yoga together tomorrow morning:)  A wonderful Saturday!  I am so happy that even with the hard days and nights that are inevitable in missing E, I am blessed enough to be able to surround myself with so much love and happiness.  I can’t wait to talk to him before bed tonight…I am going to cherish these phone calls up until he doesn’t have his phone anymore! (And then I’ll cherish the emails and letters!)


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