Day 11 – Lots of Tea, Kleenex, and Napping…

The puppies knew I was sick and spent the morning cuddling with me, attempting to fit all three of us on the recliner…

I luckily found a sub for my yoga class, so I could get some extra rest.  I tried to tough it out and go into my internship, but only ended up staying 3 hours…I went through about a half a box of tissues.  At least I got my case studies and interviews done for my independent study meeting tomorrow, though!  Probably should’ve stayed home, but I felt bad I’ve called off SO many times this last month.  Between the husband deploying and me basically being some type of sick for the last few weeks, I have been calling out a lot.  At least going in, my supervisor could see how sick I really was and knows I haven’t been faking…kind of hoping if I still don’t feel good in the morning the same thing will happen for my ballet class and I can go home.  Let’s really hope that I feel better by tomorrow morning, though!!

I wanted to walk the dogs, but I feel like crap, so we went for a long drive instead…they LOVE the car!  Played in the yard a lot with them, now I’m continuing to overdose on hot tea and hoping I can feel better!  Going to sleep EARLY tonight.  Trying not to get frustrated with my body for getting sick…I spent SO much of my childhood sick all the time and my immune system is so messed up, but the last few years I’ve been doing so well!  It can just get frustrating how quickly I can get sick and how sensitive I am to allergens, etc…basically I just got bedridden from a sinus infection in one day from smoke from the concert hall, and doing yardwork….not cool!  But let’s hope just as quickly I can get back on my feet!


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