Day 12 – Ballet, Grad School Meetings, and of course, puppies!

The day started off great!  Got a ton of sleep and woke up feeling a LOT better.  Even better enough to teach my ballet class!  Only one student as we are on summer schedule and it’s been super slow, but she was new to dance and LOVED it! I was so proud of how well she did on her balances and turns for being new!  Such a great feeling!  And dancing made me feel a million times better!  I can’t wait to have free time and get back into the studio for classes again, but for the semester I guess teaching 3 classes a week will have to do…

from Beginner Ballerina

After dance, I forgot we had a meeting at 11 at work and had to SPEED to the city to get there.  Work was busy but uneventful.  I got to meet with my advisor who forgot I was coming…greattt…but he did say he’d help me with my school internship placement for the fall, so I can’t wait to hear back on that!  Really glad I brought it up to him.

When I got home, the puppies got a lot of playtime outside…

Crazy eyes from our big man, and you can see our little girl hiding in the grass attacking her toy in the background…oh crazy puppies!

Not a huge day, but did get a lot of little things done.  Now I need to rest up as I have an early start tomorrow!


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