Day 17…Yoga, Home Depot, and Doggie Day

Started the day off with a nice yoga class, even though I was pretty tired and a little dizzy. 

My friend came over after and we ran some errands in between watching reality tv and eating yummy food!

The puppies wanted food too…

Photo: Pathetically begging for food

Such pathetic beggers!!!

Then we went to home depot and got some awesome paint colors for the house…the hall is going to be tan, dining room light green, and bedroom liliac…I was supposed to paint today but that didn’t happen, so I’ll post pictures when I do. 

Puppies are currently passed out on the couch, and were staring at me while I started back into my old weight lifting routine tonight!  They alternated snoring and waking up to stare at me as if to say, “Why don’t you just come to the couch with us?  You don’t want to work out!”  Bratty pups!



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