Day 19 – Ballet, Work, and Dogs…

For anyone who is reading this little blog, I apologize that my life is not filled with giant adventures every day to write about.  However, part of my writing this is to inspire myself to keep each day positive and to find small things to be happy about and grateful for each day, so I am going to write about the uneventful, but wonderful day that I had!

Started out teaching ballet, which was a wonderful class, then home for a quick waffle breakfast (gotta love Van’s Gluten free waffles!)  and off to work!

Still working on last minute things for the fitness center before we reopen our normal school hours next week…but it’s going great so far!  I also got to have another lovely workout with my friend from the office next door.  We started a nice little tradition of a 50 minute arc trainer workout and chat session last week and want to keep going all year!  Much more fun to do a long workout when you can talk the whole time!:)

When I got home the puppies had tons of fun playing outside…

But then I wanted to go inside and rest a bit…the little monster was not having that as she got bored, so she decided to make a cape from the curtains, then stare and bark at me for a bit…

“Mom, STOP watching Army Wives and PLAY WITH ME!  I don’t care if you are tired I need to be entertained!!!”



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