Day 20 – A Wonderful End of summer morning, a Surprise Baby Shower, and Great News on the school front!

The day started out wonderful…one of those crisp yet sunny late summer mornings!  The pups and I enjoyed a few hours outside before I had to leave for work.  After a wonderful experience at Omega Institute this summer, seeing how nice it was to not constantly be bombarded with phones, tv, computers, etc, I have been trying to set aside nice quite time to just sit outside and relax, or to read outside or for about an hour before bed…we totally underestimate the power of silence and stillness in our world today.

I’m also reading two great books that really hammer this home…The Wisdom of Yoga by Stephen Cope and The Way of the Happy Woman by Sara Stover, both which emphasize finding ourselves through reconnecting with our true nature.

When I went inside to get ready for work, I looked out the window and they were both laying in the sun snuggled up together, but of course when I went to take the picture, one little monster ran away!

Before I left for work I got a very exciting phone call telling me that I GOT MY INTERNSHIP AT THE LOCAL MIDDLE SCHOOL GUIDANCE OFFICE:)  I have been anxious awaiting this news all summer and am SO excited to know I’ll be working there!  Turns out I’ll be working with a wonderful counselor who did a presentation to one of my classes last semester so I know I already like her style!  Even though I have worked in and enjoy agency and community counseling, I’ve always had a strong interest in learning more about school counseling and seeing if it is something I’d like to pursue, so I am super happy about starting next week!  I got 100 hours done this summer at the agency…now just 200 left….I can do this!

Work was great today…it was my last staff/faculty ballet class of the summer, so I had a huge turnout…9 staff members!  They were all sad that it will no longer be a weekly lunch class, but as bad as I felt, I can’t be teaching 7 classes a week and there’s no way I can fit it with my fall schedule…I guaranteed them I’d still teach for finals weeks and holidays at least!

I totally got them hooked…even had them all rocking this awesome balance today as a group! (Minus the pointe shoes of course…)

Next up came the surprise baby shower I helped my supervisor and another staff member plan for our good friend who works in the next office over (the awesome woman who I work out with and have mentioned before!)

We were able to pull it off with the help of 18 other staffers, and it was a TOTAL surprise!  So cute and she was so happy!

Other than some ridiculous traffic commute issues today, it’s been a wonderful day!  Stopped at the tanning place after work so I hope my horrible eczema outbreak clears up soon! As for now I’m home, ate a huge dinner after my second workout of the day, and have been playing with the puppies nonstop since the poor dears are cooped up all day.  They seem pretty content though, lounging on the couch!

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