Day 21 and I’m too tired to think of a creative title…

The doggies have retreated to the patch of dead grass near the tree…even they won’t venture into the scary tall grasses!

Thank GOODNESS we have a warranty on our tractor, since SOMEONE accidentally poured 2 gallons of water instead of gas in the tank a few weeks ago…which is why it hasn’t started since then and our yard has gotten completely OUT of CONTROL!  Yup…that would be me..oopsie daisy!  In my defense, it was the only gas tank in the garage so I assumed it belonged to the tractor, but since wonderful husband wasn’t here to help me out, I didn’t have anyone to confirm that with…apparently that has been there since we bought the house and some stupid previous owner used a GAS container to store WATER.  Again…honest mistake haha…although the repair man seemed pretty mad at me for being a stupid woman who pours water into a tractor…oh well!  At least it’s all fixed now and I can mow tomorrow!


Speaking of tomorrow, I will be starting my first day of my school internship tomorrow!  Pretty darn excited!  today was my last day of my summer internship and it was bittersweet…happy to be making a new start, but so sad to leave all the wonderful staff at my other placement.  Everyone was so sweet and came up to wish me well throughout the day…and I am so excited to go back in to help with special events during the year!


I need to go and pass out pretty soon…yeah I know it’s not even 9pm but I’m EXHAUSTED.  A mix of lots of workouts this week, leading a tough personal training session today, then eating too much sugar, pms, and so much to do over the next few weeks just running around in my head…whoooooo…I’ll get through but I definitely need to nap.  I’ll let the puppies wrestle a bit more first though…they are tiring each other out…YAY!

What a beautiful night…
almost the full moon!


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