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Day 49- a FULL yoga class, hiking, and a GIANT care package!

Had a wonderful high energy yoga-Pilates class today! Couldn’t fit another person in the room if we tried! I love days like that, what a fun time!

After class my aunt and I went shopping to finish up hubster’s fall care package! He is soooo spoiled!






Hot sauce, candy, airborne and vitamin c, more candy, coffee, chai tea, and a “curious kittens” calendar… He asked for a Bruins calendar, but I thought he’d like this one much better lol! Can’t wait to see how mad he gets;)

Later on we took the pups for a hike…so much fun!





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Day 48- yoga open house and clean puppies!

Had a wonderful day full of yoga as I taught in the morning and we had an open house in the afternoon. Lots of fun!

Later on my aunt cam up to start her weeklong visit and little jack went to the groomers for a spa treatment complete with tea tree oil, deep conditioning soak, and lots of other things that sound more luxurious than anything I’ve gotten to do in forever. #luckyspoileddoggies. Chloe monster. Ant be nice in public so she got a bath at home. It’s so nice to have two clean monsters instead of two dirty ones:)


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Day 47 – The Perks of Being an Army Wife…

So, I’ve decided that I LOVE MyCAA!! For those of you who don’t know, it is a military spouse education benefits program that assists military spouses in getting education towards career- oriented trainings while their spouses are deployed. Since I do not have the money or time to attend a traditional 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, I have been just making due with group fitness specialty certifications for my credentials as a teacher. However, if I want to make a career out of yoga someday, I will need to get registered as a 200 or 500 hour CYT at some point.

YogaFit Blog

Luckily, I found out about YogaFit from my supervisor, it is a wonderful training program that can lead to separate certifications in specific areas of yoga…but you can also take a sequence of all of their trainings over an unlimited time period and eventually get to your 200 hour requirements to become Yoga Alliance registered!

Thanks to MyCAA, I can use education benefits to attend my Level 1 Training this fall! I am also hoping if I can find the time, I can attend a few more before hubby comes home and make the most of having benefits like this while he is gone…at least I will feel I have made the most out of his deployment!

I think it is WONDERFUL that the military does this for spouses…they cover programs such as medical assistants, bar and restaurant worker certifications, massage therapy schools, etc…anything that can be finnished in the time of your spouse’s deployment and can lead to a career! Especailyl for active duty spouses, I think this is such a great idea…you need something you can bring with you no matter where you are stationed, and even for Guard or Reserves, like us, giving the extra opportunity for education and career advancement is so wonderful while your spouse is gone.

I am SO happy right now:)


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Day 46…My Not-So-Secret Pumpkin Addiction (and Favorite Recipe!)


So, I may or may not have an addiction to pumpkin! Every year around this time I buy it in bulk because it always sells out in October and November with all of those fair-weather pumpkin folks who think it’s only a fall flavor…silly folks! Stop buying all my pumpkin! 😉

Wanted to share my favorite pumpkin dessert recipe…it’s vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and pretty low calories if you don’t make an ENTIRE bowl of it like I do…ooops! It’s my favorite dessert and I eat it everyday..okay okay, sometimes twice a day…

All natural canned pumpkin, unsweetened applesauce, Trader Joe’s vegan chocolate chips, and roasted almond butter…a dash of cinnamon and a minute in the microwave and you are all set for some ooey-gooey pumpkiny chocolatey goodness:)


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Day 45…What a pain in my…foot?

I had the WEIRDEST day and night yesterday. Practicing yoga, I fell out of a headstand wrong and banged my foot on a table edge. OW!

It felt ok after, just sore. I went to work like normal and it was still sore but nothing crazy. Was a little stupid and taught my dance class (ballet) even though I knew I probably had a sprain or something by that point. But in all honestly it didn’t hurt while dancing, only while walking and stretching.

Went home…by this time it’s 9pm…getting more painful…iced it. It’s like the ice made it worse…by the time I got to bed I couldn’t sleep because I was SOBBING in pain. Laid there for 3 hours trying to pass out but it wasn’t happening. Started to become terrified I broke something. And I’m really not a huge baby…I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so when I say it was like a 8/10 pain, it really was.

My close friend was kind enough to drive up to my town and take me to the ER…honestly the best friend ever, she helps SO much since hubby deployed. After a few hours there the pain started to subside…x-rays confirmed no breaks. Doctors said it could be a sprain or bone bruise and sent me packing.

I woke up this morning expecting horrific pain and honestly it feels FINE…pain if I step on it funny, but like a 1/10 on the pain scale just sitting here.

I’m really a) happy that it’s not broken…that wouldve been HORRIBLE, especially with E deployed and since I make my living teaching dance and yoga!, b) super confused as to how I was in SO much pain last night and how it went away so fast, c) really starting to believe in the power of positive thinking and prayer…I know it may sound silly, but last night before bed I posted a facebook status to send positive thoughts and prayers my way as I did not want a broken bone…I really feel like all the well wishes helped…is that crazy?
Oh wait, I know what helped…my puppies feeling bad for me and trying to comfort me as I cried on the couch with my leg elevated..


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Day 44 – it’s the little things…


It’s the little things that make me miss him soooo much.

I was cleaning out my purse today and found an old shopping list he had made a while ago.  I remember cracking up at his Italian Ice comment on there when I was at the store that day, and it made me really miss all those funny little moments we have all the time when he’s home.  He makes me smile and laugh EVERY day that we’re together.  I love his sense of humor and I miss it so much.  I can’t wait for him to be home for good…keep on trucking along 2012!  We can do this!  Before we know it, we’ll be annoying each other with grocery lists once more!

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Day 43-deployment inspiration…


I need to make a poster out of this! Love it! So glad I got my first deployed phone call from hubby this weekend and can’t wait for the next one. I just want him home now and am hoping my busy schedule makes the year easy!

Had a busy day with work and homework. Plus a wonderful workout after work. I really need to get back into some awesome weight lifting shape and it’s time to start!
So exhausted. Time for bed!

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