Day 22 – New Internship…Some stress…and of course some crazy puppies!

Day started out great with my new internship!  I love my supervisor and all the staff Ive met, and it seems like the school setting is going to be SO much fun, even though super challenging and busy!

Work was super hectic due to the students coming back soon at the college, but I got a lot done which was great.

Stressful parts?  Welll, I’ve been feeling super sick and just not 100% at my best the last few months…and its all seeming to come to a perfect storm of ickiness lately…then…

After work I vowed to do the yardwork since the tractor was finally suposedly fixed yesterday…the yard looks like a jungle so I was super motivated.

Of course it BROKE DOWN!  I was SO stressed already not feeling good, so I sat on the tractor and cried for a bit, not going to lie.  I cried cuz I was sick, I cried about the stupid damn tractor and the stupid damn long grass, I cried cuz my husband wasn’t there to fix it or to at least bitch about it to, and then I cried cuz I realized he is deployed and won’t be here to do those things until next summer, then I cried more cuz that was more depressing…blahhh.

But I pulled myself together and went on with the night, including a trip to visit some friends by the water at the park…with the dogs.  Ugh, I wont go into it but it was a stressful ordeal.  At least now they are both PASSED out on the couch and Chloe was so excited for a bath when we got home…Jack is goign to the groomers tomorrow…so excitedfor clean puppies!


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