Day 23 – Yoga and Doggie Adventures

Woke up to some surprise sunflowers from the untended garden today!  Well, well well, hubby, I guess it turned out okay that I didn’t keep up with the garden, huh?  Haha.

Taught a great yoga class this morning with a fun summery playlist…it was awesome and gave the class a great vibe!

Also found a new summery yoga shirt that I forgot I bought a long time ago and was hiding in the bottom of a storage bin in my closet!


After wards, I took little Jack to the groomers.  Chloe was worried sick to be apart from Jack for 3 hours!  He ended up so clean and adorable!  Now I have TWO clean doggies!  How wonderful!

Chloe looks so mad that I took her brother away for a few hours…she didn’t want to leave his side for a while after he got back!

We just got back from a fun car ride in the countryside since I was too tired to take them for a walk.  Now we are watching Julie and Julia because I am an old lady…


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