Reflections on a Routine Life…

Watching ‘Julie and Julia’ is making me feel like a really boring blogger!  The main character in this movie always has something interesting and insightful to say, and I feel like sometimes I find myself repeating the same patterns over and over!

However, thinking about it more, I am realizing that finding the positives, even in my normal busy routine is also a very noble pursuit.  I would hate to just go through the motions every day without reflecting on everything I do and finding the unique aspects that happened to come to my attention at that particular time.  If we don’t reflect on the uniqueness of each day, then what would our lives be like?  As much as I’d love to have grand adventures every day, I think that would get overwhelming…sometimes you need the routine and the downtime so you can plan for and appreciate the fun and crazy times.

(Although I do want to get back into some of my crazy adventure modes again!)

And sometimes, the routine is what keeps you going…I know that in order to get through this year with hubby being deployed, and having to deal with school, internships, jobs, house, dogs, family, friends, etc, I will have to fall into a steady routine and just keep trucking along.  Without a regimented schedule, I wouldn’t be able to get through.  And at the end of the tunnel, as well as acting as little windows along the way, are bursts of fun adventures awaiting…road trips to visit hubby in a few weeks or going home for the holidays, concerts with friends, hiking with the dogs, visits from family, yoga conferences, internship projects, and finally HOMECOMING next summer and all the wonderful trips and adventures we have planned for the rest of our lives.

So, to sum it up, at times I, who used to live everyday as if adventures were my main goal and would wildly run from idea to idea, quitting jobs, changing majors, moving, always planning the next big thing, but never really happy as I felt I was always WAITING for something to finally just come together and be perfect, I am actually okay with being this semi-organized, much more patient, slightly calmer, trying to be zen, Army wife, grad student, doggie mom, home owner, who at (almost) 25 has really got a pretty awesome life going on:)


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