Day 26-rainy day

Started off my morning with a wonderful ballet class. One of my regular students brought in a friend which was fun. She said her legs were sore all week from our last class so I must be doing something right;). I’m so excited to be teaching nights starting next week to get a bigger group together. I also am so psyched that I’ll be teaching 3 ballet and 3 yoga classes each week. I have missed dancing multiple days of the week so much! I still have dreams of making it to pointe one of these days… Maybe after this year I’ll be ready!

I got home and the rain was crazy so the pups and I had a super lazy couch day despite all the chores that needed done and all the good efforts I’ve been making to cut back on tv. Oh well one lazy day before the semester starts is well deserved I guess!



Then it was off to work and a wonderful personal training session with my client. What a killer workout I devised today! Pretty proud of myself …and sore. Kind of ruined it with too many late night snack but oh well…it’s definitely a rainy day cheat day!:)

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