Next time you feel like complaining…

At the post office yesterday, I came to the realization of how negativity can spread so easily and how people can be so inconsiderate without thinking about how their actions effect others.  There was only one woman working at the post office desk, and there was a medium sized line of people waiting.  The clerk was working very efficiently and was nice to everyone so there was to reason to complain about her.  Also it was the first day after a holiday, so duh, it’s going to be busy.

I was amazed at the number of people who came in and made rude comments as soon as they saw the line, or once they were in earshot of the clerk.  And then other people would get visibly uncomfortable or or agitated as well.  I tried my best to stand there silently, with a smile on my face, using the time to focus on my breathing and generating positivity.

I am not saying I am perfect, sure there are times when I get moody and frustrated, but I do make very big efforts to stay grounded, peaceful, and calm in the present moment.  If everyone was more focused on staying positive despite setbacks in their day, their calmness would spread to others and the world would honestly be a calmer happier place.

So my challenge to everyone, as well as myself, is that the next time you feel like complaining, just be quiet for a moment, reflect on everything you have to be thankful for, focus on staying grounded in the present, say a silent prayer or meditation.  Don’t let yourself be bitter or let your unhappiness spread.  Focus on your own wellbeing and instead of being influenced by others’ negativity, spread your positivity to them.



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