Day 30-Just Fabulous!:)

What a wonderful day!  Laura stayed over after our race day yesterday and we had a good old fashioned girls day…something we’ve definitely been missing since our roommate days a few years back!  We started off the day with a great yoga-pilates class…I had three new people and some of my lovely regulars and it was a great class!  Afterwards we enjoyed another day of a little too much food since we had exerted ourselves SO much with that 10k yesterday, haha.  Mmmmmm for breakfast burritos, soy yogurt, and yes, some late night chocolate and almond butter:)

After some much needed yardwork, we went on a lovely trip to Wickford, which is the coolest little harbor town, complete with some awesome old school roadtrip music…Britney Spears and Jack Johnson anyone?…went to some cute shops where I bought some cool Indian perfume and we looked at antiques and paintings and fun places…we even went to two open houses!  Even though they were at least triple Laura’s budget, how fun to explore two beautiful mansions for sale!  Such a cool experience!  We went to the Beach Rose for lunch…they have a sweet outdoor deck and it was such a fun day!

At the end of the day, even though it was hard being alone again with my mom’s and Laura’s visits over, it was nice to have a day to refresh and reenergize…even though I am never happy to have the hubby gone, sometimes it is good to be forced to have time alone to reconnect with yourself and what makes you happy.  Being alone and having to be independent has its upsides sometimes.  And how dare I even say the word ‘alone’?  Right now I’m snuggled up on the couch with the world’s two sweetest puppies!



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