Day 33…the big 2-5!

Happy 25th birthday to me! I don’t feel much older, except for manning up and doing the adult thing by going to my internship this morning instead of sleeping in šŸ˜‰ Another old lady thing I did? I bought a Neti pot for my allergies. That was my big birthday gift lol! But hey, it worked and I’m a total believer in it now! May be one of the first things that’s really helped my allergies! Yay!

My ballet class last night was fantastic and I’m teaching again tonight… So excited to see all my students back after summer break! The only downside is I’m working til midnight then rushing home to get ready to leave at 4am for my big trip! I’m so excited I don’t care though!

So what else did I do to ring in my big day? A wonderful relaxing day outside with the puppies of course! Complete with a fun country drive! A truly perfect day!







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