Day 41-staying in the present moment


For years and years unheard about the power of the present moment and meditation, blah, blah, blah… But I’m really starting to get it now. Once being one of the girls who did yoga as a workout, I know find myself completely engulfed in the world of silent meditation, yoga music, books on the history of yoga and Buddhist meditation, and longer svasanas at the end of each practice.

I have turned off the tv in favor of sitting outside with relaxing music, a cup of tea , a good book, and the happy company of my puppies. Finding joy in the present moment and learning to not dwell on the past or constantly worry about the future.

Instead of letting my mind wander and play out every scary future scenario creating anxiety or stress and depression, I find ways to stay completely grounded in the present moment, focusing on a pretty flower, a playful puppy, a hot cup of tea, a happy thought or memory, or feelings of peace and contentment and gratitude.

I never really bought into the new agey talk of present moment but I feel like it has finally clicked. No need to rush or hurry. No wishing away the days…even with hubby deployed, when I used to say “oh I wish it was just the end of the year already”…now I instead commit to living each moment joyfully and radiating love and peace, using each day as a chance to grow and be happy, sending loving thoughts to wherever he is, and knowing that in the end we will be stronger for it.

I wholeheartedly wish to keep up with this practice. My yoga is already stronger for it. Instead of rushing from pose to pose, I have a calm, even flow, a peaceful pace and joyous practice. A new student today told me she had been to many classes in her life but that mine was the best class she had ever taken. My heart melted. I used to worry that I was going too fast/slow, talking too loud/soft, holding a pose too long/short, etc. but lately I’ve been surrendering to the moment and what feels right. I love that it is making an impact not just for me but also for my students.

So now I’m off for a night shift. Before I’d wish it by fast and distract myself to pass the time. Tonight I intend to immerse myself in the moment, focus on accomplishing work and homework goals, get a workout in, and enjoy the company of my coworkers. I think it’ll go well.





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