Day 45…What a pain in my…foot?

I had the WEIRDEST day and night yesterday. Practicing yoga, I fell out of a headstand wrong and banged my foot on a table edge. OW!

It felt ok after, just sore. I went to work like normal and it was still sore but nothing crazy. Was a little stupid and taught my dance class (ballet) even though I knew I probably had a sprain or something by that point. But in all honestly it didn’t hurt while dancing, only while walking and stretching.

Went home…by this time it’s 9pm…getting more painful…iced it. It’s like the ice made it worse…by the time I got to bed I couldn’t sleep because I was SOBBING in pain. Laid there for 3 hours trying to pass out but it wasn’t happening. Started to become terrified I broke something. And I’m really not a huge baby…I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so when I say it was like a 8/10 pain, it really was.

My close friend was kind enough to drive up to my town and take me to the ER…honestly the best friend ever, she helps SO much since hubby deployed. After a few hours there the pain started to subside…x-rays confirmed no breaks. Doctors said it could be a sprain or bone bruise and sent me packing.

I woke up this morning expecting horrific pain and honestly it feels FINE…pain if I step on it funny, but like a 1/10 on the pain scale just sitting here.

I’m really a) happy that it’s not broken…that wouldve been HORRIBLE, especially with E deployed and since I make my living teaching dance and yoga!, b) super confused as to how I was in SO much pain last night and how it went away so fast, c) really starting to believe in the power of positive thinking and prayer…I know it may sound silly, but last night before bed I posted a facebook status to send positive thoughts and prayers my way as I did not want a broken bone…I really feel like all the well wishes helped…is that crazy?
Oh wait, I know what helped…my puppies feeling bad for me and trying to comfort me as I cried on the couch with my leg elevated..



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