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Day 80- getting back to badass


I have decided I need to get back in touch with my badass side. I’ve always been tough and my attitude and fighting spirit have gotten me through so much in my life.

I’ve found that the last year or so, I’ve really tamed down a lot. And that’s not all a bad thing! I’m so blessed to have the spiritual, physical, and mental benefits of love, peace, joy, and happiness in my life from my marriage, pets, education, yoga, dance, friends, etc.

However, I think in some ways my “loss” of some of my badassness has been due to my health issues as well as the convenience of having a wonderful reliable husband around.

I’ve realized though that I need to get it back. I need to retain my strength and spark even though I put such a focus on being calm. I think it can be easy to rely on your husband to take care of things around the house and protect you and make you feel safe (even though those were things I always used to do for myself). Its easy to get so caught up in yoga and meditation that you put up blinders and place all of your focus on peace and love and start to forget about the other parts of the world that require strength and courage to face Now of course a certain amount of that is good. It’s good to rely on each other, it’s good to aspire for peace and calm. But you need a balance.

I need to rediscover the parts of myself that used to run 10 miles on a random day, do crossfit workouts, kickboxing, and free climbing. I need to find a balance between calmness and assertiveness. I need to take my old kickass attitude, but blend it with my new peaceful and more levelheaded spirit.

I want to be back into my long runs, heavy lifting, martial arts, badass attitude, and sense of self, safety, and strength by the end of the winter!




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Day 79-hurricane



Luckily I woke up early with the motivation to go for a run cuz it looks like we’re gonna be stuck inside for a few days!

Plus side? No work or class today!



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Day 78-new (old) wedding pictures!!!


One of my best friends finally was able to get me the photos she took at our wedding! These were my favorites..,she’s such a great photographer!




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Day 77- happy pit bull awareness day!


Hope everyone takes some time to appreciate the wonderful pit bull breed and learn to overcome the stereotypes and misconceptions!



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Day 76-a fitting hike for late October…



It was a nice morning for a hike so we headed out to a neat historic cemetery! What a great place to walk an aggressive dog as not many people go on strolls through here! It was such a gorgeous morning!


I taught ballet later and then stayed up late watching The Social Network… It was actually really interesting!

Puppies are tired now so it’s off to bed.


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Day 75-running and yoga:)

I was having a little bit of a sad morning…feeling sick with allergies and the chilly weather telling of the coming winter and missing my husband a lot… But I refused to let it keep me down!

I took the dogs for a lovely hike, took a catnap in the yard after reading for a bit, then went for an energizing run!

After I run my dog thinks my shoes are toys…

Later at work I was able to enjoy a wonderful restorative yoga class! The day turned out pretty good after all!


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Day 74-never stop dancing!


A year ago I was convinced I was too old to ever get a full front straddle stretch, but this year my forehead is back on the floor where it belongs!

No matter how rough of a day I’m having, I always feel so much better after a night of ballet:) so glad I made myself stay strong and focused enough to go in and teach tonight!


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