Day 51- busy day at the job(s)

Helping administer the state tests to the 7th graders is going to be taking over my mornings the next two weeks. Surprisingly. It is pretty interesting so I don’t really mind. Also I get to catch up on my own readings for the three hours I’m there so it’s a bonus!

I bought new shoes at Macy’s today…3 pairs!!! I NEVER buy myself fancy things unless they’re 10000%off at Tj max, but we had a gift card left over from the wedding and I have a huge lack of grown up old lady comfortable shoes. My selection goes from sneakers to high heels. It was time to accept my old lady fate and buy some Mary Jane flats haha! Pictures to come soon of my latest fashions! I felt so spoiled shopping at a department store!

Work was…long. I got almost all I the waivers for classes done today. They all need to be hand typed into excel by yours truly. And there’s almost 1000 of them by he end of the year… Yay. Here was today’s progress…



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