Day 59 – Feeling a Bit Under the Weather…


So I feel the need to explain my general under-the-weather feelings lately, probably leading to some boring blogging due to my feeling sick and sleeping close to 10 hours a night.

I have always had a sensitive system..I have more allergies than I can count, I was anemic as a child, I have asthma, and I’m ALWAYS tired.  I am also extremely holistic-minded and that combined with not having insurance has kept me functioning as a health-nut, always convinced that if I cut out one more unhealthy food group, take one more yoga class, find that perfect vitamin supplement, etc, I could finally be all better.

I’m not sure if it was the stress of Eric leaving, combined with school and work, or if all my symptoms finally are just coming together randomly at the same time, but I have just been feeling gross the last few months.  I have no energy, I feel sick from most things I eat, my eczema and asthma are all over the place, and I am EXHAUSTED constantly. 

I finally went to the doctor last Friday and am headed back this Friday to get my test results back, as she was concerned with my symptoms as well and ordered a whole bunch of tests…So I’m  really hoping I have some kind of answer come this Friday!  For now I am sitting here in pain and waiting to go home and sleep…at 5pm…I even cancelled my dance class tonight because I just feel gross, which is SO unlike me. 

This is just one part of what is making me feel so miserable…I hate eczema!20121010-170724.jpg

Luckily, I have the two cutest puppies in the world to keep me smiling through it all…


To think little Chloe was going to be put down for aggression…she LOVES her big brother!


I love these little faces!:)


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