Day 62 – the vitamin b12 miracle!

So after all my posts about feeling exhausted and sick the last few months, and some scary suggestions for tests from the doctor, I got a surprisingly simple diagnosis yesterday… I am very vitamin b12 deficient and slightly anemic! Probably due to my vegan diet but we won’t be able to tell for sure until we switch from shots to supplements in a few months.

I got my first vitamin b12 shot yesterday and immediately started feeling better! It was amazing! My mental fog started to lift, I went up and downstairs without getting winded and dizzy, and I woke up refreshed and excited to teach yoga for the first morning in a long time!


If I’m feeling this good after just one shot I am so excited to see how I feel after a few weeks! I can’t wait to be able to do simple things again like walking the dogs an cleaning the house, as well as running again, lifting more, and waking up feeling good and not exhausted!:)


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