Day 66- another hike and some thoughts on posititvity


It was another great morning for a hike and my energy has been so great since starting my vitamin shots! I haven’t felt this good in probably two years. I love being able to go out and do fun things again, and the pups definitely enjoy it too! Even though the weather is getting cold, the foliage and the way the sun shines this time of year is so relaxing and pretty. What a great day!


I was thinking a lot today about the importance of positivity. It seems so commonplace to bond over negative things…complaining to a friend between classes, complaining about the cold weather, making yourself more stressed or miserable by focusing on the negatives and not taking the time or energy to seek out and emphasize the positives. I really want to take the time to express gratitude for all the amazing things in my life. At least a few times a day I want to really just sit and think, wow, I am so lucky to have these two adorable dogs, I am do lucky my husband could email today, how blessed I am to be able to go for a walk on this amazing fall day, etc. it’s my new big goal!:)


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