Day 67-still feeling good:)



Again, it feels so amazing being able to hike with the dogs! I did not realize how bad I had been feeling until now, with my energy slowly coming back. We had such a fun morning hike after I got back from my internship.

My internship was also a highlight…1st day of my relaxation and yoga group for the kids! They seemed to really like it and my supervisor was so supportive!

On a fitness related note, I had been feeling discouraged seeing my weight go up the last few months despite lots of workouts and healthy eating. We got new parts for our body fat machine at work so I got to be a test subject… Turns out I had nothing to worry about! I have ideal body weight! I was amazed at how good my numbers were! It really made my day!

Just got back from a killer ballet class so I’m sure those numbers will only get better;)



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2 responses to “Day 67-still feeling good:)

  1. Super random, but I found your blog through military tags. But your excitement and feeling good are really making me want to get to the doctors for a physical to see if I need vitamin shots (my mom already gets them). I’ve been having difficult with always being tired and when I was younger I was anemic. Thanks for the anonymous push! lol

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