Day 72-running:)

Oh how I’ve missed running! After my 4 miler saturday and a 3 miler today I am feeling awesome. I love the feeling I clarity and calmness I get during a run but also the feeling of strength and power. No wonder I felt so crappy the last year… As my energy went down with my vitamin levels I also lost my “drug” of running. Thank goodness yoga and dance got me through, but I had really forgotten the power of my old running habit…so glad to be back!


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2 responses to “Day 72-running:)

  1. Total coincidence to see your post. I was looking at running shoes online just now – what to buy, etc. very new more of a jogger. Suggestions? I am just getting started on a treadmill.

    • I have never gone wrong with Nike…I usually just buy whatever’s on sale at TJ Max, Marshall’s, even Ebay sometimes! Nike Air’s have been my favorites….it depends a lot on your foot and arch…I have a very high arch so the extra cushioning is amazing in the Nike Air!

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