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Day 109-more workouts and lots of food

The day started off at my internship…another early morning, but I’m steadily getting lots of hours accomplished…I cannot WAIT to graduate in the spring!

Later on, poor Jack’s skin was really itchy, so while he got his 2 hour spa treatment at the groomers, Chloe monster got her own big beach adventure!  She wanted to go swimming, but I had to remind her it was 30 degrees and not a good idea…


So she was content to just walk with her feet in the water…




The view from the paths is just beautiful!  I need to go to this park more often…especially in the winter since it’s not nearly as crowded as usual!


Jack loves to pose for pictures once he’s all clean!  And he got a sweet camo bandana too!  Chloe refused to be left out of the spotlight and insisted on posing as well!  What a diva!


I was still super sore from subbing power yoga then teaching ballet back to back last night (in addition to my morning class), but 4 of our teachers are going through medical issues/family issues so when I was texted to sub Pilates today I couldn’t say no…meaning another back to back Pilates and Ballet class…my body was hating me in anticipation, especially because I wasn’t feeling to well today. 

Pilates went well…although I was exhausted so I feel like I wasn’t at my best.  Luckily for some reason the two participants flaked for Ballet, and the remaining girl works here and understood my pain…she was content to hang out and chat until we decided to just stick around for the next class…yoga.  Wow, did I need that class!  What a great workout and stretch! 

I was pretty hungry all day, and just finished off my snacks now, around 10pm…I never do that but tonight I work til midnight and need to stay fueled and awake!


I also wanted to share my food/exercise journal today…I have been consistently eating more and more calories…which is scary for someone who always obsessively counted every last one!  There are still days I eat around 1200…when I don’t workout for example, but on days I work out, I am trying to eat at least 1500.  Huge steps for me!  I was really proud of myself today!






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Fun fact of the day…

These jeans are from 8th grade…


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Day 108 – a yoga and ballet quadruple header:)

My morning started out wonderfully…teaching my teacher/staff yoga at 7am, then girls’ relaxation group yoga at 8am at my internship…what an amazing way to start the day!

After interning, I ran to the grocery store, and errand I’ve been neglecting for a while…once the cold weather hits I get super lazy about errands!  While there I got a text that our studio’s yoga teacher was sick and they needed a sub for the class before mine tonight at 630.  My supervisor okay’d me leaving early, so I decided that teaching THREE yoga classes and one ballet class in one day was a fabulous idea and said yes!

The rest of the day became an excuse to indulge in some cravings since, you know, I totally NEED those calories for the back to back classes tonight 😉


The sunbutter didn’t even have a chance…

Neither did the giant lunch, huge dessert, or half a tub of Trader Joe’s dried figs…yummm! 

By the way, can you tell how frazzled I’ve been the last few weeks?  I have never been super organized, but I have when I start to look super messy…and right now THIS is my desk at work…uhoh…20121128-164419.jpg

I am spending my next 30 minutes cleaning, then heading off to teach Power and Tone Yoga at 630, and Ballet Body at 745…so excited! 

Honestly, I just need to find a way to teach yoga all day every day for the rest of my life and I’ll be completely content:)

Namaste, everyone!

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Days 106 and 107… A blur of homework!

Monday and Tuesday were a total blur of snow, homework, class, and work! 

Both mornings were spent sitting on my couch, drinking my new delicious detox tea…


Watching cute puppies nap…


While I worked for hours and hours on all the assignments suddenly coming due at the end of the semester!


This 17 slide powerpoint was one of my many accomplishments, as well as a few case studies, lots of internship log journal entries, and a bunch of portfolio (BS!) stuff. 

The good part is I was still able to enjoy a nice arc trainer workout Monday night, and had a really great personal training session with my client Tuesday night!  It’s so so important to keep up with your fitness routine especially when stressed out.  I think it’s usually the first thing people let fall to the side when they get busy, but that is EXACTLY when you need it most!  I am glad I was able to stay focused on my work and get everything done the last few days!

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Day 105- some holiday shopping and decorating…


I came home from my trip to find my friend had started helping me paint!  How nice!  But she didn’t finish the walls because she realized the blue was definitely a lot…bluer…than we expected.  Hmmmmm….that’s not what the color swatch looked like, paint kid at Home Depot!  It was supposedly a nice faded ocean blue and this looks like a baby boy’s nursery!  So…in the spirit of how cold it is and the fact that I no longer want a cold color in my main room, I went back to the store….20121126-075306.jpg

And I bought some Apricot flower….I was going to go with Melon, but considering that last few times the paint I’ve bought has come out a lot darker than the swatch, I’m hoping going paler in theory pays off!  We’ll see…now I just need to get the motivation to get up and paint.  Once I finish all my homework for the semester and winter break rolls around I am hoping to finally finish painting everything in the house and start with the decorations and finishing touches I’ve had in mind in the YEAR since we’ve been here.


I have been in a funk with all this cold weather.  Every year I get depressed when it gets cold out.  And I just found out I have Cold Urticaria…meaning that my eczema that gets so bad every winter is LITERALLY an allergy to the cold!  WOW…who would’ve guessed that that person who cannot stand winter is actually allergic to it?  Haha…irony.  Oh well…we are stuck in the cold for at least another year or two so I need to find ways to be okay with it…starting with lots of yoga and some warmer clothes…as well as my newest Christmas gift to myself…

a home spin bike!!!!!!


I really really want an arc trainer for the house someday, but those are SO expensive, so I started researching the cheaper alternatives…this little gem was on overstock for just under $200 and free shipping!  The reviews were also great…it is supposedly very similar to a gym quality spin bike!  The one thing that keeps me sane are my cardio workouts in the winter…so not being able to run in the cold definitely threatens my sanity.  With my new toy, I will be able to fit in cardio anytime…watching TV, in the morning, late at night, in a blizzard…LOVE it.  I can’t wait to see if this brightens up my mood this winter…and if it kickstarts a new fitness routine for me!

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Days 102, 103, 104… Happy thanksgiving!

Went home for the holidays…will update more later when I once again have reliable Internet.






















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Day 101-roadtrip home!


My boss let me leave early so I could tackle the 9 hour drive home. I miss Eric everyday, but especially on things like this where I really miss the company and driving partner! I decided to do all 9 hours at once since we got such an early start. It was rough but we made it safe and sound.






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