Day 82-yoga and dance save my life

I was having such a rough night and almost deny teach my ballet class. I wanted to just curl up in a ball an cry. This colder weather combined with my feeling too well and a wave of anxiety hitting me from out of the blue was just a bad combination.

But I sucked it up and went to teach dance. As soon as I put my shoes on I was feeling ten times better. By the end of class I was calm and happy. Then I stayed for my friend’s yoga class and that just was the icing on the cake. Hello, positive happy peaceful calm attitude the rest of the night !

Once again, working out and yoga have saved my life and my sanity. I really want to start a goal of doing yoga every day. Even if its just 10 minutes. I think it’ll make a huge difference.



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2 responses to “Day 82-yoga and dance save my life

  1. losing50laps

    I worked out with a trainer for the first time today…and she pushed me. And I feel awesome! It’s amazing what exercise can do for your spirit!

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