Day 85-yoga, running, happiness


My favorite way to start the day!

Taught a great yoga class this morning to 8 wonderful students. Two students brought me little gifts today too! So sweet!

After yoga I got my weekly phone call from hubby which always is a huge highlight of my week!:)

Then we went out to run errands… I forgot how stressed I get with crowds and people everywhere! Not a fan of midday weekend errands.

To shake off my funk I played with the dogs when we got home and then went for an amazing 3 mile run. I LOVE that I’m back into running again. What a great feeling.

An old roommate visited for a bit tonight which was lovely, but with this darn daylight savings time I am ready for bed at 9pm! Not a fan of dark cold weather!

At least we had sun this weekend!


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One response to “Day 85-yoga, running, happiness

  1. My days will be mixed up all week due to the time change. Grrrrr

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