Day 88 – positivity and winter workouts!

Started off with a wonderful morning teaching 7 am before school yoga for the teachers at my internship. I’m going to be running a weekly yoga and relaxation group for them and they are so excited and grateful! It was wonderful.

At 8 I ran my 7th grade girls group and they were so great today! We did a nice vinyasa sequence and they had a lively discussion on the 4 parts of our lesson… Focusing on what we feel, think, say, and do. They made some great real life connections to yoga and relaxation! I was so proud!

If anyone’s wondering, I’ve been pulling some great lesson plans from a manual from two faculty at SUNY Buffalo, pictured below…


Early morning yoga kept me positive all day, despite the SNOW storm! I got to talk to hubby a bit and I just want to say I have the sweetest most understanding and wonderful husband in the world. He always knows exactly what to say to brighten up my whole day, especially when I’ve been feeling down!

Once at work I found out my ballet studio cancelled classes tonight because it looks like this outside…

So I’m on the arc trainer fitting in my workout for the day! I’m hoping to lift a bit at home too! Since I wasn’t anticipating working out here I had to make due with the reserve of clothes I keep under my desk.
Lets hope short shorts and neon blue socks are in this year…


So here’s to you all from the gym! Keep strong and motivated!:)



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