Day 89-home repairs, yoga, and dance :)

Only had an hour at my internship this morning to lead a small group session, so with the extra time on my hands, I went to Home Depot to tackle some projects I’ve been putting off way too long.  I love Home Depot because they haev a military discount with a military ID….spouses included:)




Not pictured is the cool picture frame I bought on sale….it has hooks so you can use it as a coat rack too!  Can’t wait to design a little coat rack corner:)


First I filled in all the gaps in the wall with really fun foam gel stuff…not it’s technical name, but there is no other way to describe it…it’s like a spray that expands into a neat foam to fill gaps…I had a little too much fun with it.

Then I designed a neat storage rack for the bathroom.  I was pretty proud of myself…combined a wire rack on sale with Martha Stewart fabric crates on sale to make this awesome creation!


I kept up with my yoga every day challenge with a nice 30 minute practice in my living room with some great sunlight from the bay windows!  Topped off with a meditation on gratitude and energy.

I also was able to teach ballet tonight AND go to my friend Katherine’s awesome vinyasa class…so I had DOUBLE yoga today!  So very happy and calm!



Before I left for my closing shift, I had a little snuggle party with the dogs…they aren’t fans of the cold weather and wanted to stay in bed and cuddle all day!

What a wonderful blessed day!



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2 responses to “Day 89-home repairs, yoga, and dance :)

  1. losing50laps

    Ha ha. I have used that foam stuff too.
    I have tried meditation but haven’t been successful. It’s really hard for me to clear my mind. Not sure what a good trick is….

    • I think the key is experimenting with different types of meditation…silence, guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, loving kindness, etc until you find what works for you!:)

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