Day 90-care packages, yoga, sunny day:)


What a pretty morning!  It was so great to wake up to NO snow,  and some bright sunshine to take its place!

I sat outside with the puppies and they were totally soaking up the sun!


So adorable how they choose to sit together!  I LOVE these little babies so much.


I spent the morning cleaning up the house, took the pups for a short hike, but my eczema was really bothering me so we couldn’t go too far…my poor hands hurt holding the leashes!

I was so happy to get to talk to hubby today online for a bit and figured I’d send him his Thanksgiving care package, even though I really don’t have much to send…he got a WONDERFULLY designed hand crafted Thanksgiving drawing, as well as a fun note documenting all the wonders of the care package…

A sleep mask, a book, sunflower seeds, coffee, and ‘mother fucking snack packs- pudding in a cup!’  Haha…I dont know what possessed me to get so excited about sending pudding, except that I love how excited he gets when he sees them on sale at the store, so I thought it would be fun to make a big deal about sending them!  I hope he likes it!


After running some errands and trying to get things ready for my YogaFit training this weekend, I did a nice relaxing candlelight yoga session.  I am feeling SO amazing with my yoga every day challenge!  I loved the feeling of doing yoga at sunset with just candle light…it changed the whole mood and focus of the practice.  I felt awesome after.  30 minutes of yoga since I’m sore from yesterday and gearing up for this weekend’s classes!  I am super excited, and just a little nervous since I will be staying at a hotel alone and since it’s hard to find good food I can eat while traveling.

(Real life food allergy confession…I bought organic baby food to eat this weekend in case I can’t find any places that serve things I can eat during the training…yes, that’s where I’m at in life…)


Check out my other blog entry today where I documented a day in my life of food and meals!  I think it’s pretty nifty:)


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