Days 91 & 92 – yogafit level one teacher training!


Because it was such a busy weekend, I didn’t have time to write at all!  I want to catch everyone up on my experiences at my YogaFit Level One teacher training though, so I will do so through photos from my weekend:)

Day 91…wake up at 5am and begin the drive to Hamden, CT…see beautiful sunrise!



Get to Quinnipiac and realize that it is GORGEOUS and surrounded by mountains…total bonus for the weekend!20121112-171649.jpg

Adirondack chairs everywhere!  So cute!  Loving this so far!  Except…where is that snow from? Ours has been melted for days!20121112-171656.jpg

The grand hall at the student center…wait, am I at a ski resort or a college?  These lucky kids!


These chandeliers are AMAZING!




I’m a happy camper starting off the weekend!  (Also I need to show off the GORGEOUS scarf hubby sent me from Afghanistan!  It’s SO warm and it’s a beautiful purple/pink color…my favorite!)20121112-171740.jpg

Mmmmm…raw flax snacks…I was skeptical about the ‘pizza’ flavor, but wow, these were pretty good!


Yes..I am eating baby food…with all my allergies it is SUPER hard for me to find healthy food I can eat while traveling.  My solution was Whole Foods baby food…different fruit and fruit/oatmeal combos for the weekend.  Don’t judge, they are actually delicious and very healthy!  Although, I did hide in my car to eat them because I didn’t want to deal with strange stares and questions!


Lovely views from my lunchtime walk arond campus!20121112-171804.jpg






Okay, so I went a little crazy with the mountain pics…I’m from Pennsylvania originally and I MISS MY MOUNTAINS!  So any chance I get to see mountains I get a little overjoyed!20121112-171849.jpg

Day 92…aka day two of training…

So I cancelled my hotel and drove home after day 1.

A) I wanted a real dinner,

B) I didn’t want to stay alone in a hotel and be miserable since it was cold and dark by 5,

C) I didnt want to be away from the pups for two whole days!

Hence, another 5 am wake up, and driving in the pre-dawn glow!20121112-171857.jpg

Another beautiful mountain morning!20121112-171902.jpg


At lunch, I went for a 45 minute hike up and down the huge hills around campus!


Down the hill……


And up another HUGE hill…this was my stairstepper workout for the day!20121112-171930.jpg


Views from the top!




All in all YogaFit level one was a good experience.  I already teach… a lot…so most of it was already common sense to me.  But the instructor was great and all the participants were really nice.  What a neat group of people from all walks of life brought together through love of yoga and a desire to teach!  We probably did 4 hours of yoga over the weeked so I felt great too!

I enjoyed learning the YogaFit flows and modifications…definitely some really interesting ways to modify poses for people with injuries or different levels of fitness!  I’ll totally use some in my classes! 

I am excited to see what levels 2-5 and the workshops bring.  I have decided to do my 200 hour teacher training through YogaFit and have heard good things from the people I met who were ‘retraining’ their level one to complete their 200 hours.  Even though it kind of a watered down version of some of the yoga traditions and very Westernized, I think it brings a good element to yoga, especially for those who would not try it otherwise.  I think for what I want to do with bringing yoga into the mainstream field of counseling it is the perfect starting point!



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4 responses to “Days 91 & 92 – yogafit level one teacher training!

  1. loved all your photos!! so beautiful. i really want to train to teach yoga

    • Thanks! It’s one of those things that seems so intimidating but you can definitely do it! I recommend yogafit because you can go at your own pace to reach the 200 hours required for yoga alliance but along the way you are collecting yogafit certifications that look good on any fitness resume!

      By the way I love your blog, so motivational:)

  2. Such beautiful photos! Travel and yoga, can’t get much better :]

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