Day 94 and 95- sprained wrist and quick recovery!

So, remember that glorious run I went for on Monday?

And that slight slip and fall I documented thanks to the fallen fence?


Well, turns out by that night, my minor scrapes and bruises had turned into a sprain!  Ouch!


It hurt to type, drive, get dressed, pick up my purse, just about everything.  Luckily after a night and day of relative rest, it is doing a lot better!  I was able to modify my two gentle yoga classes this morning so it really didn’t cause any issues.  I actually used it as an opportunity to find gratitude in my otherwise good health, and to really reflect on the need for offering more modifications in my classes for those with wrist issues.  There are so many people with arthritis, carpal tunnel, old injuries, etc, and I am grateful that this experience has reminded me to try and include modifications so that everyone can benefit from class and participate fully!


Bright side of an injury is getting to hang out on the couch with the puppies….


This morning after yoga, I still wasn’t up for a hike, so the puppies kept me company in the yard while I read…how sweet!


I just got back from teaching a wonderful ballet class and all the endorphins have made my wrists feel even better!  So much stretching and strengthening and fun!


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