Day 97 – dance dance dance!

Starting off this post with some highlights of my day…but first let’s all appreciate how amazingly stylish I look in my safety hat on our hike this morning!

Gotta love the bright orange hunting cap along with my neon pink sweats!  I can’t stand how dangerous the woods are with hunters this time of year, so better safe than sorry when hiking the puppies!


We got to go to our favorite place this morning and by 9 am it had warmed up a bit so we had a really nice little hike at the sand dunes! So fun and relaxing! 


After our hike a friend came over for coffee…her boyfriend is deployed with my husband so we’ve formed our own ‘Army Wives’ coalition and meet up to chat and be supportive.  We aren’t really the typical FRG types, so we kind of do our own thing and avoid the drama.  It’s funny because our boys always assume we talk about them the whole time…but we just chat about ourselves!  We don’t see the point in sitting around feeling miserable that they’re deployed, and we have so much going on in our own lives…it’s not that we don’t miss them, but we’ve realized that you have to keep a life of your own or else you’ll go crazy in a military relationship.  It was a good time. 

After that little monster decided to mess up my throw pillows once more for her personal throne…


Now onto the fun stuff…dance!  What a wonderful few days full of dancing and teaching ballet!  I haven’t had a full week of classes for a while…I am scheduled to teach ballet 3 days a week but something usually comes up to cancel one or two classes…not this week!  Needless to say, my legs are wiped out!  Everything hurts, but in that good way that you remember your legs hurting after 3 hour dance classes in high school and college.  Ah, I miss those days of being in the studio.  I hope to get back to studio dancing next year after grad school!  But for now, teaching is the next best thing and I love it!

Tired legs and worn out shoes…


Speaking of dance, I’ve been in a total youtube dance video kick the last few days…I was amazed by a few dancers, but mostly this young girl…the artistry and emotion in her dancing as well as technical ability keeps sending me back to her video over and over again.  I can’t dance like this now, let alone at however young she is…just wanted to share…



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3 responses to “Day 97 – dance dance dance!

  1. I like the pink sweatshirt with the hat. ;).
    Plus, you reminded me – I need new shoes…

  2. Thank you for your blog and the video is amazing. Great music and a amazing dancer.

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