Day 99-Sunday Pilates and a beautiful hike:)

I always wish I took more pictures in the yoga studio, since my weekends always start out there, and it is such a wonderful place….Even though there is no photo evidence, my day started out PERFECTLY with a wonderful packed yoga/pilates class full of my favorite students!  What a great positive energy today, and every was in such a happy mood with the upcoming holidays.  It was a great morning!


After yoga, I got a chance to talk to my husband, which is always a highlight of my week.  We spent almost an hour talking, and planning our big vacation for when he comes home.  We have so many places we want to travel, and are knocking at least of few of them off our list when he comes home this spring.  I couldn’t be more excited, and it just adds to my wanting him home.  We also discussed Christmas presents and you know what the poor guy wants most?

A paintbrush.
That’s right…the sand and dust get so annoying over there that a good quality paintbrush to dust off his belongings every day is at the top of his Christmas wishlist.  The things these guys and gals have to go through are ridiculous.  I don’t think most people realize the small inconveniences they face over there that add up to just an uncomfortable existence.  Yes, the threat of real danger is the worst part, but the bad food and water that keeps them with low grade stomach bugs the whole time, the dust and sand, the extreme temperatures, the crazy shifts and lack of sleep and privacy, all those little things add up to contribute to what I’d imagine to be extremely stressful.  Regardless, it was great talking to him and he seems to be in really high spirits.  They are going to get a lamb from town for their holiday feast.  As a vegetarian, that doesn’t sound too good to me, but they are pretty excited haha.

Later on, I took the puppies for a hike and even though it was chilly all day, the sun was nice and warm.  What a wonderful Sunday afternoon!



We had a beautiful sunset and the moon was so neat…the photo doesn’t do it justice, but it was fun just standing outside looking at the sky…


My friend and I went to TJ Maxx and I got myself an early Christmas present…5 new yoga pants!  I need to go through my closet and donate a bunch of clothes…I am a mess and my closet is full of stuff I don’t wear, so I feel guilty buying new things…but yoga pants are different.  With all the classes I teach, I need good comfortable clothes that I know I can just throw on and run to the studio in.  And all of these are great!



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3 responses to “Day 99-Sunday Pilates and a beautiful hike:)

  1. For every new clothing article I buy, I get rid of one. However as I get insha

  2. Yeah, it’s hard to get rid of things, especially because I do so many different jobs that I always am alternating what I have to wear more often. Some months I live in internship and conference fancy clothes….many weeks I live in yoga and ballet clothes…but then I have my ratty old beat up clothes for running in the winter….and my casual clothes for when I have time off… It’s like having 4 or 5 complete wardrobes and I hate thinking I may get rid of some of it and then have some big life change where I’m like, “darn, I really shouldnt have gotten rid of all my scrubby clothes, because this job is so messy” , etc.

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