Day 108 – a yoga and ballet quadruple header:)

My morning started out wonderfully…teaching my teacher/staff yoga at 7am, then girls’ relaxation group yoga at 8am at my internship…what an amazing way to start the day!

After interning, I ran to the grocery store, and errand I’ve been neglecting for a while…once the cold weather hits I get super lazy about errands!  While there I got a text that our studio’s yoga teacher was sick and they needed a sub for the class before mine tonight at 630.  My supervisor okay’d me leaving early, so I decided that teaching THREE yoga classes and one ballet class in one day was a fabulous idea and said yes!

The rest of the day became an excuse to indulge in some cravings since, you know, I totally NEED those calories for the back to back classes tonight 😉


The sunbutter didn’t even have a chance…

Neither did the giant lunch, huge dessert, or half a tub of Trader Joe’s dried figs…yummm! 

By the way, can you tell how frazzled I’ve been the last few weeks?  I have never been super organized, but I have when I start to look super messy…and right now THIS is my desk at work…uhoh…20121128-164419.jpg

I am spending my next 30 minutes cleaning, then heading off to teach Power and Tone Yoga at 630, and Ballet Body at 745…so excited! 

Honestly, I just need to find a way to teach yoga all day every day for the rest of my life and I’ll be completely content:)

Namaste, everyone!


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