Days 106 and 107… A blur of homework!

Monday and Tuesday were a total blur of snow, homework, class, and work! 

Both mornings were spent sitting on my couch, drinking my new delicious detox tea…


Watching cute puppies nap…


While I worked for hours and hours on all the assignments suddenly coming due at the end of the semester!


This 17 slide powerpoint was one of my many accomplishments, as well as a few case studies, lots of internship log journal entries, and a bunch of portfolio (BS!) stuff. 

The good part is I was still able to enjoy a nice arc trainer workout Monday night, and had a really great personal training session with my client Tuesday night!  It’s so so important to keep up with your fitness routine especially when stressed out.  I think it’s usually the first thing people let fall to the side when they get busy, but that is EXACTLY when you need it most!  I am glad I was able to stay focused on my work and get everything done the last few days!

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