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My husband is a sweetheart

Got this cute little gift in the mail yesterday. The best part is the recorded message…in his voice…”my husband is awesome!” Haha! So subtle!



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Days 137-138-139…I’m getting there…


Winter is always a little struggle for me…the cold, the rain, the snow, the dark.  So I had a bit of a rough week this week…add in the stress of the holidays, not feeling good for a few days, and my anxiety was a little over the top.  But I made it through, and today I’m doing really good.   The last few days had some highlights though!


First, was waking up super early and seeing the full moon as it set..really neat!


I made my famous cookies the other day…SO good and so healthy!

Just 2 cups oats, one banana, one cup coconut yogurt, 1/2 cup chocolate chips, 1/2 cup dried cranberries, 1/2 cup coconut flakes, cinnamon, and 2 tbsp almond or sunflower seed butter…350 for 20 minutes…I am obsessed!


Yesterday, we actually had a dog trainer come to the house!  Chloe has been acting really anxious and aggressive again when seeing dogs or people walk down the street, and now our neighbors have a new dog that she has been freaking out about through the fence…  Even though I work hard on her training, I feel like I dont make much progress with those behaviors.  I hate bringing in an outsider, because I do so much research myself and have the experience that should work, but it was worth it just to get some advice and have her tell me I actually am doing a good job.  It is great to know that I have been working hard and that it is paying off…just have to really keep working on everything!  She was EXHAUSTED after her training session though!


Got a great surprise in the mail yesterday…a star sapphire ring from the husband!  How sweet!  I really love it and its so nice that he thinks of me for random gifts like that all the time.  I’m so lucky.


Today I woke up and saw frost…uhoh…


I finally perfected the perfect yoga hairstyle…no more frizz and hair falling all over the place during class!  Two braids, then tying those braids in a knot and clipping in place is my new favorite style!


Came to a realization, while waiting for class to start…I subconsciously picked our yoga studio colors as the paint colors for the rooms I’ve painted in our house!  Talk about the unconscious mind picking things up and not even realizing it!


We finally ran out of luck and caught a big snow storm tonight…almost a foot so far…the dogs were happy for about a minute, then decided to come in and pass out asleep for the rest of the night!



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On being healthy…

So I’ve alluded to my history with body image issues and eating issues on here a bit before, but I wanted to post a little update.

After a week of a little relapse into feeling really negative about myself, and definitely not eating enough at all, I actually are a lot today. Like a lot. Probably 1700 calories maybe 1800. But it felt good. I’m proud of myself. I had the energy to teach yoga and do one of my old badass lifting routines. I have decided on staying super healthy and keeping up my energy and workouts even if I’m gaining on the scale. Logically, I know the only reason I’ve been gaining weight is that my body was practically in starvation mode for a long time, and so now even eating a ‘normal’ amount is going to have me gaining weight for a while…but I know that after a while I will even out and finally be healthy.

I need to keep a level head and focus on my health and getting muscle rather than being starving and weak for the sake of being thin. It’s gonna be a struggle after so long focusing on restricting calories and being thin but I miss being strong and having energy. I just need to focus on that right now.  My goal is to have the energy to run another half marathon this year and to get my strength and muscles back.


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Days 134-137…what a busy christmas week!


Christmas Eve I was so blessed to get to see my sister in law (who got engaged the next day!!!!) and then got invited to Christmas Even dinner at my friend’s family’s house.  It was my first Christmas not home in PA, so I felt so blessed to have so many people want to share their holidays with me.  I was feeling a little down missing my husband, because around the holidays of course your family is the first thing on your mind…not to mention the fact that everyone was constantly asking about him.  Some people are able to ask in a positive way, while others tend to dwell on it in a negative way, so for me it is hard to be around certain people this time of year.  Luckily my friend’s family has been involved with the military for a while, so I felt totally comfortable with them and they were able to talk about my husband and ask about him in a way that didn’t make me sad or upset.  It was a nice Christmas Eve.


Christmas morning we woke up to snow!  Always nice to have a white Christmas!  I just hung out with my doggies all day and it was a blast.


They had lots of fun playing with their toys inside since it was cold out!


And in the afternoon, we went for a nice Christmas hike!  We had so much fun.


Last night I tried out my new budkon dvd…I used to do the intermediate workouts and they were fun, but this one was super challenging and really fun.  I just wish it was longer than 30 minutes!


And yes…on Christmas night, I got a cal that my sister in law got engaged:)  I am so happy for her and she soooo deserves to be happy!

Today was a super lazy day…mostly because it was really cold out.  I took the dogs in the car to go grocery shopping, and we played in the yard a little, but I’ve been feeling a little under the weather, so we had a Lifetime movie couch day.

The best news I got today was that my close friend from home asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding this summer! I am SOOOOO happy for her and so glad to be a part of her big day!

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Day 133…yoga, painting, puppies, and a Skype date<3

What a great day…started out as usual, at the yoga studio…love my Sunday crew!  A fun and challenging yoga/pilates class today and some new students who said it was quite the workout!


Then it was a day of arts and crafts!  I miss painting and music, so I’m using my time off to get back into my old hobbies…I painted my good friend this prayer piece since she is converting to Catholocism this year.  I don’t really consider myself traditionally religious, but I was raised so and can see the beauty in most religions so doing this piece was great.  I love Latin and certain neat traditions like the rosary, or any type of prayer beads, so I thought it went well together.  She really liked it and that made me so happy!


Then I decided to make a copy of a picture I took on my trip to visit hubby before he deployed.  I’ve been meaning to do a series of these since he left but this was the first time I’ve had the spare time…I think it turned out pretty okay!  I can’t wait to hang it up in our living room.


Puppies were tired from playing in the yard and fell asleep in a cute puppy huddle.


My aunt sent me a text of the dog we rescued and fostered that my family then adopted…he is SO spoiled now!  It’s his first real Christmas and you can tell he is basking in it…antique chair and all!


I waited all day for my weekly call from my husband, but was so sad that he didn’t get a chance to call.  Finally at 7pm he came online and had a chance to actually SKYPE for the first time since he’s been over there!  Finally getting to see his face for the first time in over 3 months was the PERFECT Christmas present.  It made my whole holiday season complete!  I can’t stop smiling:)


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Day 132 …I love yoga Saturdays!


Day started off great…I was super psyched to teach my Saturday vinyasa class and I got to wear one of my new yoga shirts I got myself for Christmas with a gift card!


I love starting off my weekend with sets the stage for such a relaxing and peaceful few days.


I love feeling more and more flexible and strong with every practice.  My three-legged dog feels so much more powerful and balanced now.  One of my favorite poses…


I love the Buddhist words of wisdom in our studio…such great reminders before class…


I saw this photo on Yoga Inspiration’s facebook page today…what a beautiful example of using yoga for more positive and inspiring parenthood.  What a great example this mother is setting for her son.  I thought this photo was just amazing.


To top of my day, we had a lazy day on the couch snuggling since it was freezing outside.  Chloe decided to just sit on my lap staring at me for a while…such a weirdo.


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Days 130 and 131

I was really slacking on the pictures the last two days! Thursday I went to our old town for coffee with a friend…my favorite place right by the harbor, I really miss living there even though I totally love our house. I just sometime wish we could move our house and yard somewhere different!

It was pretty chilly so there were kits of puppy snuggles!

Had a great personal training session with my client yesterday. She is doing a 100 mile running challenge in January…racking up 100 miles in a month. Now I’m not in the running shape I used to be in, but she did inspire me to at least start getting my mileage back! Today I had the most wonderful easy 4 mile run! Totally loved it even though it wasn’t super fast!


I’m also back on my old diet. I tried all summer and fall to eat a more “normal” diet since everyone gets on me for obsessing about my weight and what I eat. I know the vitamin deficiency really messed up my metabolism so now I’m workin hard to figure out a diet plan that works for me. I know realistically I’m still a healthy weight, but seeing the numbers go up 10 lbs when I’m not doing anything wrong is frustrating. Time for a new game plan!

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